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Hello Soulmates
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Your Dreams are Your Best Medicine

In the realm of astrology, Saturn occupies a unique place. It symbolizes boundaries, limitations, and the inevitable passage of time. Coupled with the symbolism of dreams - the unconscious, the realm of possibility - Saturn can act as a conduit for profound healing and growth. By understanding the Saturn Cycles and the Healing Dream Series, individuals can tap into a deeply personal reservoir of wisdom and guidance. These insights, derived from dreams during different Saturn Returns, can provide the healing we need to navigate life's challenges. Saturn is not just a harbinger of limitations and challenges, but also a catalyst for growth and transformation through conscious dream work.

August 25, 2023

11am PT/12pm MT/1pm CT/ 2pm ET



Meet Katherine

Dr. Katherine R. O’Connell


I have a background as a Clinical Psychologist for 45 years, an Astrologer for 60 years and an Interfaith Minister for twenty-five years.

As a Psychologist I have authored two books on recovery and the healing process, taught internationally at Graduate Schools and Medical Schools both Allopathic and Chinese and served as a health care policy consultant to a U.S. President.

As an Interfaith Minister I have traveled and led rituals and reconciliation gatherings on three continents. I am the author of two books on recovery and the healing process.

Astrology is my greatest joy since it entered my life at thirteen. I have many lineages as a Psychologist and an Astrologer, a divinatory gift since childhood and a way of bringing magic and hope that is nourishing to humans, plants and animals. As an Astrologer I have an intuitive and eclectic approach utilizing both ancient and modern techniques.

I believe that hope and joy are connected and a synergistic experience of these can be shared online or in person.

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