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Everyone wants to feel good, but how to get there varies significantly depending on your unique needs. While your Sun sign shows how you express your identity and shine your light out in the world, your Moon sign gives insight into your inner world, revealing what you need to feel safe, happy and comfortable.

The Moon moves so quickly -- changing signs every two and a quarter days -- that you need to know your time of birth in order to be sure about your Moon sign.

Once you know your Moon sign (a free Cosmic Profile reveals your Moon, Sun and Rising signs, and more!), read below to discover your path to emotional fulfillment. Learning about a friend or loved one's Moon sign is a great way to get a deeper understanding of their needs and desires.


Aries                 Libra  

Taurus             Scorpio

Gemini            Sagittarius

Cancer             Capricorn

Leo                    Aquarius

Virgo                 Pisces

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