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September 1-30, 2017

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The best years of your life lie ahead of you! Join the walk of Happy Destiny!


We crave happiness, financial freedom, strong relationships, purpose, and restful sleep, but we cannot access these if our spiritual fitness is lacking. BUT the pathway to spiritual fitness of vast, roomy, all inclusive, and available to you and will shift your future in all areas of life with custom One-on-One Sessions and my Intensive Programs.


  • Connect to a Divine Source that will guide, love, and protect you

  • Get total clarity and purpose

  • Attract meaningful and loving relationships.

  • Gain wealth and success beyond your dreams.

  • Radiate confidence to the world.

  • Reach your desired weight.

  • Light up your life with amazing happiness.

  • Be of Maximum use to your lifetime and to others

 I want YOU to have the best life you have ever experienced, but if you are are held back or have not moved your spiritual ties into a higher plain, you simply cannot fly! 

You’ve tried everything from diets, meditations, breathing, and being harsh to yourself. Nothing’s worked like you had hoped and it’s frustrating! You’re stuck and ready for results—like now.

You've been missing that true intimate guide to help you shift truly to a new plain of thriving. YOU ARE CALLED to spiritual freedom and it's TIME!

Are you still reliving old hurts or old memories, attached to someone who won't commit to you, in constant states of agitation or disease? Are you staying up late at night with your mind running a million miles a minute, or feeling defensive when people speak to you? Do you feel like you don't have a purpose in this world? Are you unable to make a living? Are you having problems with personal relationships?  Problems attracting the career or love life you would like?

 It’s your deep-rooted fears that are  getting in the way. 

Freedom and Serenity are—waiting to be unlocked!

I’ve been there too. Along my journey I have deeply studied a SPIRITUAL TOOL KIT, a set of spiritual tools to act as a pathway to ignite the connection within me to the Divine Creator,clear my conscious and subconscious blocks (FEAR) and step into my amazing, spiritually fit and FUN  life. And I want the same for you.

It’s your time to awaken and create. When we straighten out spiritually, we straighten out in every other area as well, BUT spiritually must come first!


Spiritual awakening and fitness allows for a  shift into a  present personal relationship with the Divine energy and a higher Vibration and mental clarity place. Together we’ll clear the root causes (FEARS) and move you into a life of limitless opportunities to expand! 


Yassss......Let’s do this!







You’re serious to see healing in your life at incredible speeds. Look no further. This is a powerful release session wrapped up in a 1 month, high-end intensive program. And it’s all customized for YOU.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 month 1:1 coaching with me based on your Astrological Chart and Written Personal Inventory

  • Break through your hold backs (FEARS). Those are what keep you stuck.(FEARS) Access to my favorite energy clearing tool kit.

  • Ongoing email support.

  • FULL access to me for the 1 month session

  • Practical program of action homework along with Weekly and Weekend Meditations

  • 2 30 min Check in readings to be used 60 days after session ending


Personal Housecleaning Release Package $850 


Let’s get things flowing now!


Due to the intense one to one care I give in this coaching package the space is limited to 3 Clients

****After purchase look for an email from me confirming our selected dates and times!****

Talk to you soon!


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