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Houses in  Astrology


Stargazers, Mystics, Tarot readers and enthusiasts, and those who simply just love learning more about their Zodiac spend time researching their own signs have likely come across the concept of the Houses. For many of us, horoscopes are lenses that help us enhance and explore our astrological curiosity. As we begin to learn more from them, we begin to become more familiar, and interested, in the beauty of our birth charts. Each planet, asteroid, or celestial body lives within a House, and that residence offers valuable insight not just about your own personality and being, but also how you coexist with the world and people around you. Moreover, the Houses are a starmap for understanding your past, present, and future. As these celestial bodies in the sky move across these expansive domains, different events — both physical and emotional — are triggered and experienced. Like the rotation of our Earth or the hours on a clock, the Zodiac is divided into 12 sections, or Houses, each one ruled by a different sign or planet. As you discover more about the Zodiac, you will find that each House represents any and every facet of your life, beginning with the First House of Self to the Twelfth House of your mind, intellect, and subconscious. Not to be confused with the wheel of the
Zodiac, the wheel of the 12 Houses is separate but can be interpreted along with it as the signs and planets of your birth chart fall on the spectrum. The first six Houses are personal, revealing your personality and foundations that you are built on while the last six Houses are the Social Houses: how you may communicate, interact, and become a part of the world around you. Each House can have a sign or planet that is its natural ruler but the pair of a different sign present in each House can make for a completely different person. For example, two people may both have an Aquarius Sun sign, but one may have the Aquarian Sun in her Eighth House, while the other may have his

Aquarian Sun in his Second House. Natural rulers of each House have the responsibility to unlock the message in the House, using a sign’s known traits to describe it. If you want more information on each House and how they can help you in reading your birth chart, read on!

First House

The First House in astrology is all about you! It's the foundation of your natal chart, and it's the first impression you make on the world. This House is associated with the zodiac sign Aries and is often referred to as the House of Self. It represents your identity, physical body, self-awareness, and how you interact with the world. It holds the key to understanding how you see yourself and how others perceive you. By exploring this House, you can gain insight into your personality and the way you present yourself to the world.

Second House

 Look to your Second House to see how you value yourself and your wealth. This House can reveal how you look at your personal finances and how you manage them, especially when it comes to the things you desire and are willing
to save up for. You may also check this House and anything action in them to look for any healthy or unhealthy patterns when it comes to spending and try to better yourself. The Second House is naturally ruled by Taurus.

Third House

Ruled by the expressive Gemini, the Third House is the House of Communication or the way you express yourself through words. It can relate to the conversations you have in daily life with your family and friends and highlights how
the world around you can impact the way you think. Communication comes in many forms like small exchanges with a neighbor, text messages, letters, phone calls, and the action in the Third House can help you learn how to best

communicate your thoughts to others and within yourself. It can also help you interpret what you do not want out of a conversation and how to use the right words to express what you’re feeling in that moment.

Fourth House

 Home is where your story begins and where the Fourth House is focused on. It represents the environment you were raised in, your current living situation, and it can identify what brings you comfort, be it how you decorate your own home to how you value the company of another person. Looking deeper, you could use your Fourth House to explore the roots of your existence. Any experiences from your childhood could have influenced how you interpret your home in the present. The planets that are found in the Fourth House are closely related to your home life, your core emotions, and the way you interact with your parents or family members that raised you into the person you are today. The Fourth House is naturally ruled by Cancer and it is known to be the sign with emotionaldepth and intuition.

Fifth House

It’s time to take your pleasure seriously in the Fifth House! This House is where you can explore your interests, creativity, and have fun while channeling your inner child. Any planet or sign in the Fifth House can help you become more aware of how you show love, affection, and how you can become a better partner. Your dating life, love affairs, and any sexual relationships are also ruled by this House. You can use it to explore your identity as a lover and work on the traits that may lead to a more permanent and lasting relationship that would lead you into the seventh House of marriage. Your creative self-expression and personal interests in anything that can enrich your soul and make you live a happier, more fulfilled life are also tied to this House. The Fifth House is naturally ruled by Leo. A sign that is known to be attractive and confident. Building up strong sensual interpersonal relationships, both platonic andromantic.

Sixth House 

 The Sixth House is the House of your work (as opposed to your career present in the 10th House) and how you perform any tasks. You can return to this House to look at any patterns in your routine, your health habits, and build the foundation to take care of yourself and make sure all you do is of quality in your daily life. It is essential that we hold ourselves responsible for our well-being. Also known as the House of Health, Virgo is its natural ruler, sending a message that we must strive to heal when faced with physical and emotional challenges so that we can be of service to the rest of the world.

Seventh House 

 Just as the first House is who we are, the seventh House is who everyone else is to us. Often called the House of Marriage, it includes all types of one-on-one partnerships. It focuses on the way you relate to others around you and can help you figure out what you need for a relationship to thrive and be a longer lasting commitment, as opposed to in the Fifth House that could just be a temporary connection. The seventh House can also help you with your behaviours in a business partnership and how to connect with peers in the workplace to lead towards the success of any project or assignment that is given to you. The Seventh House is naturally ruled by Libra. A sign that has natural approaches towards healthy and expressive relationships. The Libra has the ability to separate social from personal life, while approaching these with a rationalmindset.

Big Title

Eighth House 

The more you share, the more you will have! The Eighth House rules anything you may own with your partner, from physical and emotional intimacy to time and money. This House can reveal what you value when shared with

another and how you can benefit from having more than your own. The Eighth House is also a mysterious section
of the wheel as it can rule how we see birth, death, the act of sex, and bonding at the deepest level. Many misinterpret this House as negative because it also has emphasis on the greatest mystery of all: death or the death of the old self that comes from transformation. This House is ruled by Scorpio which is characterized by intense emotions like facing your fears or figuring out what it is you want to control.

Ninth House 

 It’s time to do your own thinking in the Ninth House, the House of grand thoughts and ideas. Ruled by the philosophical Sagittarius, this House focuses on how we are on a journey of discovery as we grasp any information we may come across to enhance our minds then our world. How do we know what we know? The answer lies in any concepts or theories we could learn through higher education or even through a vessel like spirituality and religion. The Ninth House is all about finding meaning
and the urge to understand it within. We could also find meaning through experience, travel, and placing ourselves in a new environment or culture.

Tenth House

What kind of career are you striving for? How do you want to be viewed by society? While the Sixth House focuses on how you make a living for yourself and your habits in daily life, the Tenth House of Career can help you explore your entire life’s work. Studying this House can help you realize what
career is meant for you or if your current path isn’t the best one, not just by focusing on financial success but fulfillment in your preferred field as well. The practical Capricorn rules the Tenth House
and deals with your social status to a group, such as being an employee, and to society, as a citizen who is led by the government. As you explore this House further, you’ll find that it is also associated with honor and communitypower.

Eleventh House 

 Do you have a tribe of your own? Ruled by the friendly Aquarius, your Eleventh House is all about community. It refers to any friendships, memberships, social groups, and your shared goals with them and what makes you enjoy being a part of them. Through our friends, we realize that no man is an island and there is power in numbers. Opportunities you may not be brave enough to take on yourself, your community may encourage you to do. This House focuses on the kind of friend you
are and how far you may go to be a good friend. Is it a labor of love that holds you together or is it only a connection of convenience? A lot of our character is built from the people that we surround ourselves with and how we learn from them. You can also use this House to define those important relationships so that the people you align with can bring you the most joy and inspiration as you go on about your days. Just like the free-spirited Aquarius, exploring the Eleventh House means looking at your interpersonal friendships, both personal and community wise. See what liberates you and what hinders you.

Twelfth House

The Twelfth House is the House of the Subconscious. It rules over all that is hidden from the public eye and all that rests deep in your mind. What secrets are you hiding? What dreams are you not bringing to light? What does your instinct tell you? The compassionate Pisces is at home in this House, trying to make sense of our past, present, and future decisions. Though, often this House is where healing is performed, it is also where there is self-undoing or where we confront our suffering and pain that we try to keep from ourselves and from others. Twelfth House can help us move forward from the shadows of our mind and into the light to open ourselves up to kindness and growth. As the last House of the Zodiac, you can look to the Twelfth House to continue working on your inner self to a place of fulfillment on yourjourney.

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