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Astrology NEXT LEVEL with Stormie Grace

January 2017 Session

Meets Sunday Nights at 5pm Mountain Time


Continue building on the basic of Astrology to get you set with foundational information in 8 weeks This will be an easy to understand and absorb foundational class to get you set to advance and understand the language of Astrology. But of course all in a fun and sometimes hilarious format.  Explore the planets, the signs, the houses, aspects, transits, the ephemeris, and decans. Learn how to string all of these together to start forming the conversation of the charts.  Includes teaching videos, charts and guides, the option for 3 live chats with me to help the information sink in, and a copy of my new book “The Most Basic Astrology Book Ever!”


This class teaches the basics and it is a pre-requisite to entrance in my Grace Apprenticeship Program (coming soon)


This astrology course continues to bring you a more thorough foundation in understanding the:


  • Planets - which signs and houses they rule, the lessons and opportunities they bring and how to maximize the potentials

  • Houses - what they each represent, the qualities they possess and how they relate to the planets and signs

  • Signs - their energetic qualities and potentials, how to bring out the best in the potentials. We will also cover colors, herbs, and stones for each sign.

  • Triplicities/Decans- A basic look at those frisky little degrees and how they help change energy!

  • Aspects – Yes there is math in Astrology!! We will learn about the mathematical relationship between energies in the natal, transit, and other charts, and how theses angles impact the journey of the chart.

  • Transits - how the planets' movements effect each person and the world around us.


  • Weekly LIVE class sessions via Zoom and access to  private teaching video replays and charts to follow along with and learn from.

  • Direct access and communication with me.

  • Ebook “The Most Basic Astrology Book Ever” for learning

  • Your Full Natal Chart

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group to interact with your session mates and fellow learners and me.

  • (2) 30 min LIVE one on one teaching sessions with me in your 9 week session.

  • Option for more 30 min one on one LIVE sessions with me for questions and clarity. These are good for one year of tutoring, and more can be purchased.



The cost of this course is $90.00.

Add additional LIVE sessions for $10.00 each.

Please be sure to read my Class Policies Page!


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