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When we study astrology, we are observing the movements of the Planets. Each Planet symbolizes something in our lives, the universal component of all our experiences. The planets reveal things, describing what is already taking place up in the cosmos rather than causing them.  You may wonder why the Sun and the Moon are considered planets on this list but astrology works from the perspective of us here on Earth. The Sun and the Moon are heavenly bodies that help run the universe. The Sun, Moon, and other Planets can interpret the energy of a specific zodiac — a physical representation of the sign's inherent qualities. Therefore, your own combination of zodiac signs, Planets and Houses end up painting a portrait of you in your natal chart. We get this natal chart from a snapshot of the universe during the exact time and date of your birth into the world.Learn more about the Planets below and how they can affect you!


Just as the planets revolve around the Sun in our solar system, we discover our purpose from the Sun in our natal charts. When you are asked “Who are you?”, during a job interview, more often than not, the traits you say are directly tied to your Sun sign. The Sun represents the unchanging part of you, your basic personality. Your Sun sign gives us a simple idea of how you make your choices and why you may choose what you do. Think of your natal chart as a portrait of you. The Sun is the first broad stroke an artist makes before laying down the finer details. The Universe sketches first your outline, your essence. Are you an introvert, more comfortable on your own, or an extrovert that feeds off of other people’s energy? Are you a free spirit and go with the flow? Or do you prefer to go by the rules, fearing authority? Are you high-strung or easygoing? The answers may be found in a study of your Sun's position by sign and house, and any aspects from it.


The Moon represents our inner feelings, what moods we feel more commonly than others, and what those feelings can drive us to doing. The Moon rules over Cancer, a sign known for being in tune with their emotions and not afraid to show sensitivity. Cancer craves security, consistency, and are fiercely loyal to their family and matters of the home. As opposed to the Sun that everyone can see, your Moon sign is the part of you only you can see. The Moon in your natal chart shows where you feel the most emotional and how those feelings run deep through your life. It can bring a new perspective and different motivations towards your Sun sign’s basic character. Do you need words of affirmation to get you along? Or would you rather be praised for an act you did for someone right away? Even the way you save money or start to build your own home can be revealed by the Moon’s position in your chart. Because the moon changes so rapidly, it’s important to know your exact time of birth in order to know your Moon sign. 


    As the Planet of Reason, Mercury governs how we communicate and how we absorb information and use it to nurture our thoughts. On its positive side, Mercury represents success in public speech and a sharp mind that is able to come up with clever lines on the spot. Though, on the negative, manifestations include restlessness, a tendency to be critical, sarcasm, and getting into arguments with others who cannot express themselves as easily. Being named after the Messenger of the Gods in Roman mythology, this Planet’s wit can easily turn into trickery. Mercury was often the link between the nebulous ideas that were thought up by the gods and the tangible thoughts that manifest in our minds -- just like the Planet. Mercury can help you understand and maximize your imaginative potential. Why aren’t you on the same wavelength as others? What sets your ideas apart from a colleague? How have you been able to express yourself clearly? What difficulties do you have in getting your point across? You may look to your Mercury sign for the answers and improve your communication skills


Venus is the Planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, named after the Goddess herself. This includes your capacity to attract and appreciate the things of the world, whether they are emotional, physical/material, mental, or spiritual things. It defines the type of people you draw to yourself, based on your values. The traits ruled by Venus are your sexual appeal, love affairs, how you exhibit and accept affection, social graces, harmony with others, and your friendships. What kind of partners do you attract? Are you the type to make the first move? Are you looking for commitment or a temporary connection? Do you find joy in your romantic relationships, or are you often disappointed? Do you know your creative strengths? Knowing your Venus sign can help you answer those questions. The sign of Venus also gives important information about how you express yourself in personal relationships, especially in love and marriage. With this, it also reveals your idea of your ideal partner. The house of Venus indicates the type of people with whom you establish relationships and where you are most likely to cultivate your creativity


    Named after the God of War, we have the Planet, Mars. In astrology, Mars is the planet of raw energy, action, and desire. Although it is the second smallest planet in the galaxy, Mars’ nature is still fierce and ferocious. Whereas Venus is full of love, beauty, and harmony, Mars governs aggression, competition, and war. Your fight or flight instincts are governed by this Planet whenever you are threatened or provoked. Mars also directs the masculine energy within us all, regardless of gender. If you are attracted to men, Mars may reveal the traits you find attractive for a romantic partner. Mars is what pushes us to get out of bed in the morning, our drive to actively participate in the world around us. Mars’ role is to begin tasks, not complete them. When we are acting on our Mars, we are assertive, directed, forthright, and adventurous. On the negative side, we can be impulsive, rash, impatient, aggressive, and forceful. Tuning into its energy within doesn’t require a lifelong commitment, nor does it need precision and perfection. Mars needs you to understand yourself, raw and uninhibited.


    Jupiter represents optimism, expansion, and bounty. Being the largest Planet, named after the Father of the Gods, Jupiter abides by the laws that were created in our society. The first of the social Planets, Jupiter constantly seeks knowledge and isn’t afraid to take risks to learn. Your Jupiter sign also reveals how we express our generosity and tolerance. It can help us discover how and why we trust the ones close to us. This Planet acts as our favorite professor in the college we decided to attend, guiding us to find our calling and our mission in life that will ground us. We learn through its actions that life can be rich through knowledge and lead us to material wealth. Your Jupiter sign encourages you to teach what you know to others and what it is that needs to be taught. This Planet admires learning through experience and any journey into self-development. Admitting that you are wrong or not as educated as you should be is the first step into changing for the better and Jupiter can help you along that path.


Saturn is known in astrology to be a planet of obstacles and friction in life. Where the Planet Jupiter before it thrives on expansion, Saturn constricts and restricts. Although this may seem negative, Saturn can bring structure and meaning to our world, making sure we don’t surpass our limits. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. It brings definition to our lives. Saturn makes us aware of the need for self-control and of boundaries and our limits. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, whose ambitions drive it to greater and greater heights - heights that can only be conquered through hard work and discipline. Those under this sign find comfort in understanding the boundaries in the world. If Jupiter is your favorite professor in college, Saturn was the teacher that left a mark on you in primary education. It represents tradition and the lessons that come with it. Saturn’s role is to teach us the rules in which the world was formed; through history’s trials, Saturn teaches us how to overcome the past. If those lessons are studied, individuals under the influence of this planet can be expected to be patient, stable, reliable, persevering, and diligent.


The Planet Uranus is commonly known as the Planet of Awakening since its movements bring sudden changes and shocks. This is the Planet that rules Aquarius, an innovator, breaking from the rules of yesterday to a more liberated path. Your Uranus sign can reveal where you want to cut ties to responsibility and remain a free spirit. As an icy gas giant, Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system. Astrologically, its effect can be equally chilly and dispassionate, preferring rational thought over raw emotion. Uranus rules thinking and living outside of the box, speaking for individuals who are outcasts or going against the grain of society. Revolutionaries and activists are often motivated by the planet’s movements, always in some sort of fight against the system and the state. Anyone who stands out in a crowd and has a humane initiative to fight for someone’s rights, including our own, are safe to express themselves through Uranus. It is another risk-taking planet, making decisions for the greater good and the prospect of a brighter future. The energies of Uranus are full of change and progress and it is up to us to embrace it within ourselves.


Named after the mighty Roman God of the Sea, Neptune is the reflective Planet, always looking to escape reality. The signs that are attracted to Neptune are often alive with elements of fantasy and dreaminess, and a vulnerable nature that may be susceptible to disillusionment. Neptune in astrology is considered to be a planet where you can find your inspiration, tap into your psyche, and be in touch with spirituality. We can also find a bounty of hope, compassion, and a romanticized outlook on the world around us. This Planet is often close to the other personal Planets like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. It plays a key role in tying the messages of the outer world, or other signs, to the library of thoughts within us. Being the ruler of the emotional Pisces, Neptune shows us the mystical side of the universe and can help us become empathetic to those around us. Those ruled under the planet Neptune are always sweet, forgiving and compassionate. The qualities of Neptune’s sign are those we might envision in an ideal world


    The last among the transcendental Planets of astrology is the dwarf planet of Pluto. Pluto is the planet of major transformation that represents the cycle of life and death and rebirth. The movements in this Planet reflect how old things must break down, like the walls of your emotions for example, in order for the new to have room to release new lessons.Named after the God of the Underworld, this Planet rules over the signs and personalities that are constantly reinventing themselves, like a famous pop star or actress in the theatre with many roles. Have you fallen so low but found the will to get back up again and start anew? Any signs in Pluto have a big influence in moments like that.

  In Pluto, an entire generation can share the same sign and through the power of the collective, they may be able to bring about permanent change in their society.

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