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The House of Venus

This is the side of Astrology where we focus on softness, femininity and receptivity. Here you will find specific techniques and tools to help you understand and work with the energies of Venus, always focusing on the innate and sacred gift of beauty. 

Beauty is a sacred ritual and practice calling each of us back to the devotion of respect, sensitivity, and grace.   We come together to explore and celebrate the mystery of beauty that can be found in nature, love, relationships, art and life. Our journey is a path of discovery that will lead us back home to our true selves - full of joy, peace and harmony. Through this practice we can all become alive with grace, strength and power. Together we heal!

Venus and Sacred Wealth in Astrology

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, plays a significant role in astrology beyond its association with romantic relationships. Venus symbolizes wealth in a sacred sense, encompassing not just monetary wealth but also resources such as family, energy, spirituality, and physical health, particularly relating to the pelvic bowl. Understanding Venus in your astrological chart can provide insights into how you can align with these forms of sacred wealth. 


Monetary Wealth: Venus governs our values and what we find pleasurable, influencing how we attract and manage financial resources.

  Family: Venus represents love and relationships, highlighting the importance of harmonious family connections and nurturing environments.

Energy: Venus rules over leisure and enjoyment, guiding us towards activities and lifestyles that rejuvenate and energize us.

Spirituality: Venus's association with beauty and harmony extends to our spiritual lives, encouraging a connection with the divine through art, nature, and peaceful living.

Health (Pelvic Bowl): Venus is linked to the pelvic region in the body, which is central to reproductive health, creativity, and groundedness.

By tuning into Venus's energy in your astrological chart, you can harness its power to enhance all aspects of sacred wealth, leading to a more balanced, fulfilling, and enriched life.

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