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JANUARY 9-12, 2020

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Hello Lovely Friend!!!!!,
There’s A LOT of buzz in the astrology world about the upcoming year of 2020.
It’s one of those years where there are multiple rare alignments and cycles, some the likes of which we haven’t seen in 1,000 plus years.
There’s a major conjunction in January with the potential to flip your destiny… from where
you’re headed now into a more aligned direction towards your purpose in the world.
This is a big one - and most likely you’ve been preparing for it for many years whether you know it or not.
The second rare alignment coming later in the year has the potential to heal major division in
the world, especially in the world of politics. AND YES I WILL BE DISCUSSING THESE, from an Astrology standpoint!

Some of these alignments are bringing opportunities to seed a new consciousness for humanity that will impact human life for the next 200 + years and beyond.
You’re going to personally experience some dramatic shifts in your life - and I’m excited to help you prepare for these energies…So you can understand the opportunities coming your way, as well as the potential challenges, ahead of time.

After a delicious collaboration last year, I was honored when my Podcasting Buddy, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh asked me to be one of the 12 featured speakers on Astrology Hub’s Free 2020 Forecast Marathon which is kicking off January 9th-12th.....and yes indeed it's FREEEE!!!!

ANNNND, I’m giving a talk in September 2020 on The Virgo and Pisces Moons, but also using Quadrants and Hemispheres to recognize the best use of your energy! But no worries, I will be a Guide in the Astrologyhub Inner Circle all year! We will all be learning together my friend!

There’s going to be quite a few other dynamic speakers that I can’t wait to hear from…
Amanda made a super short video for you sharing the details of the event… the dates, times,
how to reserve your free spot, and she’s even giving away a free, downloadable 2020 Astrology Playbook that will help you sift through the Forecast content and start planning your year.
Don’t worry if you can’t make all the talks - the recordings will be up for 48 hours - and even just attending 1 or 2 of them will help you immensely :-)
This is definitely an exciting astrology event of the year and I hope you don’t miss it! I can't wait to connect!



Dr. Stormie Grace

You can claim your free spot by clicking my cool picture below!


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