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Hello Soulmates! There have been a few changes and the chart reports can now be found in the DIGITAL SHOP!

More Astro gifts and goodies available in the COSMIC CONNECTIONS.

I do personal readings by: email, video, phone,  and ZOOM.

For your private reading your astrological natal chart, progressed chart, transits, solar return chart, and other methods to discover answers to your questions and to provide you with clear guidance that will help you make the best decisions for your future.

If your need is urgent (or you just want something sooner), please choose one of the PRIORITY readings and your reading will be scheduled into the FIRST available session,


**15 MINUTE READING** An important question answered quickly
**30 MINUTE READING** A few questions answered based on natal chart analysis for guidance
**45 MINUTE READING** Natal chart analysis including career and life path and purpose, many questions answered and view future trends transits.
**60 MINUTE READING** Full birth (solar, lunar, progressed, lunar phasing) chart analysis and any questions answered. ****Relationship (synastry) readings, available under SYNASTRY section below.********

Questions? Contact Me Here.

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