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To begin our month we will see the Sun traveling through the energy of Libra all the way until October 22. Libra season is officially here! This is asking us to turn our attention to how we are interacting in our relationships, and to make sure that our relationships are in balance. If we need to take a stance to stand up for ourselves, or to renegotiate balance in our relationships, this is the time to be doing that. Ultimately, Libra is always looking for balance, harmony, and serenity. We're looking for a strong interdependence instead of a codependence. This creates a wonderful atmosphere for you to make sure that both your needs and the needs of your partner are being met.

A New Moon that we will welcome in October 6, also in the energy of Libra will give us an opportunity to plant our seeds of intention to begin something new. We take the generous energy of the cosmos and focus it into balance, beauty, justice, and partnership in our lives. This New Moon is a wonderful time to begin new relationships whether they be in business, your relationship with the divine energy, or any other significant relationship that may come into your life. But keep in mind at this New Moon Mercury is still retrograde. So starting the new relationships may seem a little bit more challenging, but the ease into those relationships will definitely come in November. We also have this Moon quincunx to Uranus, which makes it hard to see exactly the actions to take. It's okay at this New Moon to continue to do research to make plans and prepare for connections that you'll build into your life over the next year. On a small cycle, you will work on this energy for the next four weeks. But in a larger cycle, the relationships connections and plans that you make right now, you will see come to a full culmination in April of 2022. At the next Libra Full Moon balance is not far off, go ahead and implement it now. Mercury will continue to travel retrograde in the energy of Libra until the 18th of this month. So all topics of relationships have been on our minds and we have been reviewing them whether they be collaborations, friendships, lovers, business associations, even spiritual connections, we are reviewing and re editing these connections. Some of the connections may be about bringing closure to situations even including contracts, but we will experience Mercury's retrograde all the way until November 2 when it ends the post retrograde shadow phase. Just know that although culminations may be happening during this retrograde time, you may not see them fully end until November 2. This is a great time to check out your contracts, your collaborations, and your negotiations. Which relationships need to come to an end at this point. We've also seen energetic Mars traveling through Libra, and he'll stay in this place until October 30. During this period, we will want to take action on our relationship matters especially if they seem significant or important to us. Our desires around relationships are quite important currently. And the understanding that working alone may not be as important as we perceived in previous seasons. Currently, it becomes a deeper understanding of the need for a balanced partnership in order to take action and achieve our tasks and goals. A challenge that Mars in Libra can find itself in is wanting to people please or taking a passive aggressive stance period. With a Mars in Libra myself I can tell you there is real work for Mars to remember here. That it is important to still be decisive and that sometimes you can't please everyone, but we do still need to work together with them.

Lovely counterpart to Mars Venus has been traveling since September in the energy of Scorpio bringing intensity and depth to the way that we love and the way that we understand relationship and money. Our connections with both entities as well as our connections with our dramas, traumas and pasts have really hit us at a soul level this transit. In our relationships, we've needed to get intensely honest and intimate with one another and ourselves, about our needs and our desires. We've also needed to uncover some uncomfortable truths to move into the next phase. There's a passionate energy that comes to Venus when she moves into the energy of Scorpio. So, for many, you may have also found that your sexual appetite or your root chakra appetite, energy was through the roof and will be in place all the way until October 7. That's when we will see Venus move into the energy of Sagittarius where we watch her expand and move in the fire energy. Ready for adventure. vibrant new connections with language with different countries, continents and cultures may all feel very dynamic to us. As Venus travels through Sagittarius. It's a great time to reevaluate your philosophies on life on love on travel on justice. Venus brings a beautiful surrender and harmony to understanding all of these areas, while keeping the optimistic flare of this genuinely good-hearted fire signed. It's a great time with Venus in Sagittarius to expand your horizons, eat at a different restaurant that maybe you've never tried. Understand a different currency in the world in a way that you never have. understand yourself and your value in a different currency than you ever have period. How about that?

A full moon in Aries on October 25 will light up the sky as full moons do. It may be a time where we are bringing something to ending acknowledgment or adjustment. But in the energy of Aries which is fiercely independent we are going to want to be the masters of our own ship. Carve out the space is where you are pioneering and mastering your own life. We had a new moon in Aries April 11 of 2021. Have you grown? Have you moved your passion and your fire and your own path forward since then? What is right for you currently. And remember Aries is not just the warrior energy but it's also the sacred gardener. So, have you been tending to your own garden? Or is it time to adjust head the path in a new direction.

On the 22nd of October we see the Sun moving into the energy of Scorpio. Scorpio season is upon us and offers us the opportunity to get passionate to get intimate and to also be drawn to explore the depths of our own energy. What is your stance and your current level of health and spiritual understanding around sex, fear, death, joint partnerships, and intimacy? Our emotions can become a bit extreme in the energy of Scorpio especially if we are not in alignment with our genuine desires that light up our passions and drives. through the season of Scorpio if areas of your life need intense transformation, you may feel uncomfortable as this energy is awakened or you can jump into the flow and allow the Phoenix thing energy to become and allow you to become Scorpio ruled by the brilliant energy of Pluto and Mars brings a transformation to show you what needs to die off because it's not working and Mars the action energy to help you make the adjustments that are needed. Mars will be traveling through the energy of Scorpio until December 13 of 2021. So, you'll have plenty of opportunity to see Mars work in the Scorpios home base.

I'm absolutely delighted to report that our outer planets the big boys, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are all going to be awakening this month, along with mercury coming out of retrograde as well. But these three big planets, although Pluto is quite small, coming out of retrograde mean that the speed and pace of life begin to pick up, we will build the momentum in steam as we travel through October, but we really get the benefit when we arrive in November. Allow these big bodies to awaken and come to before bombarding them with requests, but also notice the magnificence of their transformation. As Jupiter comes out of retrograde, he's going to bring a sense of support and opportunity in the energy of Aquarius that already wishes to seek the higher ground innovate, be inventive, and take on intellectual projects. This may be a wonderful time for you to see where you can experiment and diversify with expanding your horizons. as well. Saturn traveling in the energy of Aquarius will show you where your foundations have become more solid in order to reach and stretch out to those new horizons. You may also find that different communities and social movements in your life become quite busy and maybe need your attention. Many organizations will be critical to the changing times we're going to experience as Saturn, as Pluto comes out of retrograde. On a community level, new information has been presented where change needs to happen. And we'll begin to see that Phoenix seeing energy playing out loud in our communities. On a personal level, it will be a great omen for you to step out and show where you have Phoenix to yourself. Where did pieces of you die off so that the next version of you can absolutely live and step into the expansion that is available to you? This includes Where you have found greater comfort or different understanding with different applications, the internet, social media, organizations, and content. What are you feeding yourself currently that is adding to yours or your community's growth? October is an incredibly potent month. With so many planets flying out of retrograde. There are stations happening every week. So, allow October to be a time where every day you wake up and look into your life to see what you can be grateful for. But also remember it's still okay at this point to move as slowly as you need to. Get prepared, hydrated and well rested because we will be ready to launch forward and pick up the speed of life as we arrive in November 2021.

All my love beautiful friends. Make sure you check out your full horoscopes or your quick horoscopes online at YouTube. XOXOXO

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