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iso File]Prediction of anthropogenic deposition to lake sediments by modeling particulate reactive nitrogen. Particulate reactive nitrogen (PRN) is an important portion of nitrogen (N) entering lakes and streams in the United States. Previous studies have shown the importance of PRN as a predictor of lake sediment total nitrogen (T-N) and total phosphorus (T-P) concentrations and have indicated that the portion of PRN that is transported to lakes and streams is important for understanding the sources and the fate of N in aquatic environments. We used an empirical PRN model to predict the fraction of PRN entering lakes in the Ohio River basin and then evaluated the model's ability to predict PRN deposition to sediment cores in lakes of this region. The model accounted for the effects of in-lake chemistry, particle scavenging, and algae and crustacean bioturbation in order to determine how each factor affects the transport of PRN to sediments. The model also included a parameterization of the combined effects of in-lake and watershed scavenging. This parameterization accounted for all processes that can remove PRN from lakes and streams except those involving microbial removal of PRN from open water, and it predicted a median of 76% of N entering lakes as PRN. The median model prediction (80% of the median of the measured N inputs) was quite similar to that of the measured N inputs (75%). The median ratio of PRN in sediment-N to sediment-PRN varied among lakes from 0.26 to 0.44 (median of 0.38). Our results indicate that PRN is an important N source to lakes and streams in the United States. If PRN is treated as an important N source, it is also important that the fraction of PRN that is removed from lakes and streams in the United States be quantified.Fluorescence studies on the porphyrin-hemin complex: the effect of hemin on the fluorescence emission of zinc(II)-porphyrin. The porphyrin-hemin complex (ZnPor-hemin) was prepared and its optical and electrochemical properties have been investigated. Electrochemical studies of ZnPor-hemin showed a quasireversible one-electron oxidation of the complex. The absorbance spectra showed the appearance of two bands at 575 and 545 nm which corresponded to the Soret and Q(o) bands of hemin. The



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Opel DVD 90 Navi 2012.rar daflari

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