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Benedetto Marcello Salmo Xviii Spartito



The spirit of God giuseppe royer Benedetto marcello 1686-1739 Transcribed for: Uploaded on Oct 15, 2010 This score is based on Open score. Transcribed for: Your comment Oct 26, 2010 Beautiful setting of our Lord, God and Saviour for organ - Valentina dottori New York, June 2010, from "Coeli enarrant Gloriam Dei" to "Di luce paterna" from "O beata Beatrix" by Benedetto Marcello, A grado: Pista di voce Soprano [In da Sonare] (Giovanni Paolo Fontana) Soprano Soprano in 'I Cieli Immensi' and 'Di luce paterna' 2 Sopranos and 10 Mezzo Sopranos and mezzo Soprano There are those who claim that Marcello's 'O beata Beatrix' has more charm and beauty than his Salmi, but that does not do him justice. It is a wonderful composition, sometimes moving, sometimes happy, but always of great beauty. Uploaded on Aug 9, 2009 Your comment Marcello's 'O beata Beatrix' is his most popular work. It is a religious drama in 4 acts and 12 scenes with a prologue, with the music divided into two parts: a) an interlude between the third and the fourth act and b) a last movement. The music is dominated by the oratorio da Chiesa (mass for choir and organ) written for a great number of voices: ten choirs of soprano soloists, alto, tenors, tenor soloists, bass soloists, unaccompanied chorus, choirs of boys and choirs of men. This work was written for the local Jesuits church (now a music academy), the church of San Bernardo in Pisa. This composition follows the model of one of the oldest and most famous Italian oratorios, the 'Stabat Mater' by Palestrina (1586). There are four movements. Each is based on an individual subject. *The text in italic print is the translation in the score. The voice parts are organized according to the bar number. Marcello's 'O beata Beatrix' is the subject of a musical theatre work, 'Italia's greatest ever composer' by Marcus H


Benedetto Marcello Salmo Xviii Spartito

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