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Do you have CLARITY in your life and heart right now?
Are you feeling grounded into your energy and intuition?
Are you using your available energy to the very best? Are you clear on WHAT energy is currently available?

If you answered NO to any one of those questions, it's time to check in and calibrate to your energetic landscape. We don't have full access to all energy all of the time; YOU are as much apart of nature as the wind, trees, flowers, and seasons. Which season are you in? Do you know?

What would it mean to you to
Feel grounded, and sure of the decisions you are making?
Have freedom to move at the speed and pace of YOUR personal season?
To move with CLARITY through YOUR life and heart?

Well, it's my mission to provide you with inspiration and actionable astrological advice so you can live smarter NOT harder and have truly meaningful experiences with yourself, the Divine, and others!

From the exact time of your birth, the planetary alignment tells us a story about who you are and YOUR personal cycles of energy, and that's the BEST news because we can track it and interpret it for your greatest good!

Whether you are in need of clarity, grounding, direction or are simply curious about what your energy is REALLY up to, I can promise that a session with me will be an enlightening and healing experience that will ultimately connect you with the knowledge to need to move in your own power, at your own speed, and WITH YOUR CYCLE, not against it!

A session can help you realign to the energetic path that may have been blurred out by the noise and challenges of life. You are a gift and I am honored to be your travel guide!

For a limited time, the $80 ($usually $100 and increasing to $125 May 2023) Seasonal special is available to help us connect! We will spend 30 mins together illuminating your current cycle and a strategy to work with it. Questions you have or pockets of clarity you need will be addressed in our time together!

Grab your seasonal special session now 


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