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Classes Offered

Welcome to my classes page! Lots of teaching available here! Take one class or many! All of the teachings here are meant to serve as a guide to deepen and widen your knowledge!

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Astrology 101 and 102 Self Paced Class $25

Are you ready to learn Astrology and start reading charts? How about understanding your own chart? How about a simple format, accessed and studied on your own time, PLUS options for one on one Tutoring with me?  Well let’s do this then!!!
Come explore the quadrants/hemispheres, planets, the signs, the houses, and aspects. Learn how to stack these layers and tell the story of the chart. I’m excited to help you learn and you welcome you to the tribe!!!!
This astrology course brings to you a very thorough foundation in understanding the:
Quadrants and Hemispheres

Lunation Phases (Natal and Progressed)Minor Aspects

Oriental and Unaspected Planets



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Astrology Business Course  $124

Join me for a 5 week PRE-RECORDED series exploring how to use the chart of your business to create the business foundations that will steer and navigate your company in the most successful manner possible. We will begin with your business chart and meet your business, from there I will show you how to use that chart to create your business plan, branding, media kit, and finally the accounting set up! We will walk through the process of creating your foundation and also have time for personal examples from our class. It seems very practical ( and it IS), but it's so astrological. Astrology meets Business. Let's work smarter, not harder. Please come prepared with a chart or potential chart for your business. If you are not there yet, just bring yours and we can still explore!!

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In astrology, we are born with a specific shape of light that we reflect to the world, use to complete our missions, and need to understand to TRULY care for ourselves. Discover your light by studying your natal lunar phase.
We also continue to grow, and life takes on a new texture and speed. By learning where our life energy is at, we can work smarter not hard by working with our lives, not against them. 
Do you know the temperament of your life today? What phase of life are you experiencing? Learn this with your progressed lunar phase.

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Progressed Lunar Phases $20

As above, so below! We look to the progressed moon phases to see the temperment of life. We all go through the light and dark seasons of life and it is NATURAL and needed, but where are you in your cycle? Come learn with me.

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