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Are you stuck in the basics and struggling to connect the dots in your astrology knowledge?


Level Up Your Astrological Fluency in 6 Weeks: Your Synthesis and Fluency Course

Is this you...


Not quite beginner, but not advanced in your astrological language skills?

Taken astrology courses,  but still can't tie all of the pieces together into an astrological conversation?


Sitting on a wealth of astrological knowledge but struggling to weave it into a cohesive tapestry of  interpretations and conversations?

Find yourself overwhelmed with astrological information, unsure of how to connect the dots and create a fluent conversation of a birth chart or a transit chart?

Feel that your astrological fluency is the missing piece of the puzzle, preventing you from fully sharing your passion for astrology with the world

Would you like to...


Have a transformative experience that not only deepens your astrological knowledge but also levels up your fluency to articulate and express the intricate connections within a chart? 

Are you eager to overcome the barriers that prevent you from fully embracing and articulating the richness of your astrology knowledge?


Have a LIVE a supportive environment where you can not only learn but actively practice forming astrological sentences in real-time?

Start speaking astrology from the very first day of class and leveling up every class going forward?

If these questions resonate with you, it's a gorgeous sign that you are READY to level up your astrological fluency!

My 6-week Synthesis and Fluency Course is precisely designed to address these concerns and guide you in seamlessly tying together your vast knowledge into a fluent and impactful astrological conversation.

Join me and elevate your astrological journey!


Hey Soulmate, I'll be your fluency guide 

aka Your Astrologer

I'm Stormie Grace, an Evolutionary and Humanistic Astrologer with a DEEP love for languages. I currently speak English, Spanish, enough French to get into trouble, and Astrology! I am also actively learning Korean! So I know first hand what it is to crave language fluency. I have had all the vocab, but can't seem to form it into complete thoughts and sentences! I here to help you get past that and join the conversation.

The Resume.....

 From my successful YouTube show to hosting the YouTube Astrology Academy, I've been sharing astrological wisdom with the world. I come from the Steven Forrest (Evolutionary) and Noel Tyl (Humanistic) lines of learning! Proudly affiliated with OPA/AFAN, ISAR, and NCGR, and contributing to Career Astrologer, Astrology Hub, and Midheaven Magazine. Join me—from the mountains of Colorado to soaking up the Spanish sun, let's explore the language of the stars together!

Why Choose This Synthesis and Fluency Course?

🔑 Live, Interactive Learning Experience

Be part of a dynamic, engaged community of learners.

Connect with fellow enthusiasts, share insights, and learn collaboratively.

🌟 Begin Speaking from Day 1: Immediate Application

Move beyond theory with practical, real-world exercises.

Apply your knowledge in a live setting for instant reinforcement.

💡 Personalized Coaching

Get individual attention with live Q&A sessions.

Receive feedback and guidance to accelerate your growth.

🌐 Lifetime Access to Course Material

Access recorded sessions and resources even after the course ends.

Stay connected with a supportive network of astrology enthusiasts.



90 min Classes will meet LIVE for 6 weeks online

Class recordings will be available. 

Join the Wait List to Be Notified for the Next Opening

You're on the Waiting List!

In this course we will cover

So what do you say Soulmate?

If you've got the building blocks—zodiac signs, planets, houses, aspects—but putting it all together seems like an elusive puzzle. It's time to bridge the gap and elevate your fluency skills.

Join My Live 6-Week Journey: From Knowledge to Fluency!

Is This Course for You?

This course is tailored for those who:

  • Have a foundational understanding of astrology. Planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

  • Desire to synthesize their knowledge into a cohesive understanding.

  • Struggle to confidently interpret charts but are eager to change that.

Full Moon (2).png

Student Feedback

Star Cluster

Client 1

Astrology with Stormie is like sitting down on a comfy sofa, in front of a roaring fireplace, with the layers of your soul finally being understood and appreciated by a trusted and loyal friend. A conversation that is transformative as you navigate this precious gift called "Life".


Client 2

I am super happy with the Reading I received from Stormie, she introduced me to a new way of looking at my chart through lunar phases which was very relevant and interesting. Everything was spot on and Stormie was able to put some very exact and accurate words on how and what I am experiencing life at the moment. I will come back for sure!

Star Formation

Client 3

I have waited a long time for the opportunity to study astrology. It has meant such a lot to me, so finding the right teacher was something I needed to get right. I have enjoyed watching Stormie's content for a while, and her clarity, passion and the generosity with which she shares learning materials have impressed me. I cannot wait for the next one.

Ready to Speak Astrology from Day 1?

Don't just learn astrology—speak it fluently! Join us for a 6-week journey that will transform your astrology game. Secure your spot now and take the leap from knowledge to fluency in the language of the stars. 

Enroll today and start your journey to astrological mastery!

Join the Wait List to Be Notified for the Next Opening

You're on the Waiting List!

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