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Hi Soulmates! Ready to make the most of your 2024 year ahead? 


Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or just want to be prepared, my 2024 Astrology Insights Package is designed to help you do it. With two 60-minute sessions and two 30-minute check-ins throughout the year, I’ll work closely with you so that you can navigate life with clarity, guidance, and empowerment. PLUS, we go further faster with regular consultations. It's incredible to have support and I've got your back there! 


Imagine feeling Calmer. More in Control. Knowing exactly what energies are available to guide (and trap) you each month and season! So that you can live more mindfully - use the best energies available to manifest our goals and dreams into reality!

Don't wait any longer - get your yearly check in 4 pack today! 

With our 2024 Astrology Insights Package, get clarity and insight into your year ahead. Our two 60-minute sessions will provide you with an overview of what the cosmos has in store for you in 2024—set goals, develop intentions, and make sure no time is wasted. We also include two 30-minute check-in sessions to keep your motivation going throughout the year! $700

Don’t just let this next 365 days turn into a blur – take control of your destiny with innovative astrological insights that empower and motivate you to be more successful than ever before.

 Grab your yearly check-in 4 pack now and start planning for success!

Thank You so much for your love and business!
Dr. Stormie Grace

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