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Refund Policies for All Services



Chart service orders are not refundable and take between 24-72 (usually closer to 24)  hours to deliver. However, if we have made an error in entering the birth data and/or chart specifications, Stormie Grace will correct the error at no further charge to you. Name, Date of birth, Time, and place of birth as required for basic chart services. If No time is given NOON will be used. If this is not your correct birth time a new chart will need to be ordered. If you make an error in relaying the birth data and/or chart specifications to us, you will be charged for our re-doing the calculations or report. I do not supply replacement charts beyond 30 days. If an additional chart is needed, it will need to be ordered.


You assume the responsibility for the selection of the chart calculations or report. Please read the  Website descriptions carefully, All calculations and/or interpretations purchased through my chart service department or supplied free of charge are intended for suggestion only.

Refunds for readings will only be provided if I fail to keep the arranged appointment. I will always offer the most clear information available to you during an appointment. I always hope for your full satisfaction with any service and welcome feedback, however refunds will not be available because you did do not like what I have shared with you.

If current place of residence or designated place is not indicated for forecast reports or Solar return reports, is not indicated, I will use place of birth as current place. If Time of Birth is not known or indicated, I will use Noon. If this information is not accurate, you will need to order a new chart and provide all needed information.


Stormie Grace assumes no liability for any decisions made based on output from my programs, chart report services or free chart services. In no event will Stormie Grace be liable to you or any party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of the information provided to you in one of our paid or free services

Synastry Charts

In order to use another person's (over 18 years old) birth information, you must have expressed permission to share that with me. I will not use another person's information without consent. For person's under 18 and in your guardianship, charts can be created.


Important notes about email compatibility with my 'Email' reports :


My emailed reports come in an attractive and printable PDF format. In order to read the reports, you will need the Adobe Reader (aka Acrobat Reader) version 4 or better. This is a free program available at the Adobe web site and it is already installed on most computers. Each email takes approximately 250K worth of room in your inbox.


As soon as your credit card is authorized, your report will be worked, and delivered within 72 hours. After emailing, depending on the speed of your email server it should take somewhere from 5 minutes to 72 hours to receive your report. If you don't receive it, please first check your spam mail folder if you have one. If it's not there send me an email and let me know you didn't receive your report and if possible provide an alternative email address for us to send it to. I will find a way to get it to you. .


If you have very restrictive spam filters and Child Safety filters (many of my reports mention your sex life) then please turn them down or off or add Stormie Grace to your address book / whitelist.

You will be receiving the email from InfoGrace0808.


Gift Certificates

All of my gift certificates have expiration dates. By purchasing a gift certificate, you acknowledge the information and agree to book your appointment before your certificate expires AND that you have read and understand the Policies and FAQ pages. No expired certificates will be honored.

Appointments and Classes

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy: ALSO I will contact you based on your chosen method (you choose this at checkout).  If by phone the call will come from a blocked or 719 area code.

If you cancel an appointment less than 48 hrs in advance or do not show up for your appointment via the method you choose to be reached at (you do this when checking out), you will be charged the full fee for your scheduled appointment. This means if I call or try to connect and you do not answer, you will still be charged. A new paid appointment will need to be scheduled.

When you cancel 48 hours in advance or more there is no fee for the reading.

Unless a session is not preform or canceled in time, I do not provide Refunds.

Same Day Appointments are charged in full and are NOT refundable.

Recorded Files

Your session will be recorded and I will keep the file for 10 days. After that it will be deleted. Please be sure that you download your file immediately after our session to ensure you have it to review!

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