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Monthly Lunar Phases

Lunar Eclipse

Understanding the Monthly Lunar Phases

The Lunar Phase is a cycle of different appearances of the Moon over the course of a month as it orbits Earth. The lunar phases range from new moon to full moon, and are an important aspect of astrology and astronomy. In this article, we will explain what each phase means and how

The monthly lunar phases, governed by the Moon's cyclical journey around the Earth, offer a powerful lens through which we can attune ourselves to the cosmic rhythm. Divided into eight distinct phases, each lunar month unfolds a unique dance of energy, symbolizing growth, reflection, and transformation. Check out my Lunar Cycle video on Youtube

New Moon (Conjunction):

  • What: The beginning of a new lunar cycle, with the Sun and Moon aligned.

  • When: Occurs approximately every 29.5 days.

  • How to Align: Embrace new beginnings, set intentions, and plant seeds for future endeavors.


Waxing Crescent:

  • What: A growing sliver of light appears as the Moon progresses.

  • When: Follows the New Moon, lasts about 7 days.

  • How to Align: Nourish intentions, visualize goals, and initiate small steps toward growth.


First Quarter Moon (Square):

  • What: Half-illuminated, signifying a pivotal point in the lunar cycle.

  • When: Approximately 7 days after the New Moon.

  • How to Align: Overcome challenges, take decisive action, and refine your path.


Waxing Gibbous:

  • What: More than half illuminated, a phase of refinement.

  • When: Follows the First Quarter Moon, lasting about 7 days.

  • How to Align: Fine-tune your goals, analyze progress, and make necessary adjustments.


Full Moon (Opposition):

  • What: The Moon is fully illuminated, opposite the Sun.

  • When: Approximately 14 days after the New Moon.

  • How to Align: Celebrate achievements, gain clarity, and release what no longer serves.

Waning Gibbous:

  • What: A gradual decrease in illumination, a time of dissemination.

  • When: Follows the Full Moon, lasting about 7 days.

  • How to Align: Share experiences, contribute to the collective, and foster connections.

Last Quarter Moon (Square):

  • What: Another pivotal point, with half of the Moon's face in shadow.

  • When: Approximately 21 days after the New Moon.

  • How to Align: Release what no longer serves, reflect on lessons, and prepare for renewal.

Waning Crescent:

  • What: A diminishing sliver of light before the New Moon.

  • When: Follows the Last Quarter Moon, lasting about 7 days.

  • How to Align: Surrender to the natural cycle, rest, and reflect.   


Connecting with the Monthly Lunar Phases 


  • New Moon: Create a sacred space, light a candle, and write down intentions. Visualize your goals and aspirations for the upcoming month.

  • Full Moon: Perform a release ritual—burn or bury what no longer serves. Meditate under the moonlight, acknowledging your journey and accomplishments.

Journal Prompts:

  • Waxing Crescent: What small steps can I take to nurture the seeds of intention I planted during the New Moon?

  • Waning Gibbous: How can I contribute to my community and share my experiences with others?

  • Last Quarter Moon: What lessons have I learned during this lunar cycle? What can I release to make space for new growth?

By understanding, aligning with, and engaging in rituals and reflections during the monthly lunar phases, we can cultivate a deeper connection with the natural rhythm of life. The Moon becomes a guiding light, offering insights and opportunities for personal growth.

Embark on a celestial journey and deepen your astrological understanding by delving into the next sections, where the cosmic dance of the Moon unfolds its mysteries. Explore the intricacies of Natal and Progressed Lunar Phases, uncover the transformative energies of Lunar Returns, and harness the potent vibrations of New and Full MoonsNavigate the ever-shifting tides of the Transiting Moon.

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