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Welcome to 
The House of Venus

This is the side of Astrology where we focus on softness, femininity and receptivity. Here you will find specific techniques and tools to help you understand and work with the energies of Venus, always focusing on the innate and sacred gift of beauty. 

Beauty is a sacred ritual and practice calling each of us back to the devotion of respect, sensitivity, and grace.   We come together to explore and celebrate the mystery of beauty that can be found in nature, love, relationships, art and life. Our journey is a path of discovery that will lead us back home to our true selves - full of joy, peace and harmony. Through this practice we can all become alive with grace, strength and power. Together we heal!

22-Days to change your life!


Welcome to the journey of deep healing and restoration of your sacred pelvic bowl. If you're reading this, you may be looking for a way to connect with your innate feminine power, honor your fertility, and embrace your sensual side without fear or shame. You're not alone. Many women out there carry the heavy burden of life on their own and often feel disconnected from their softest, most beautiful, and creative aspects. It's time to let go of the stories sold to us by the world and create a new paradigm around womanhood and feminine power that is both spiritual and practical. My program invites one of the many faces of Venus into our consciousness to guide us through this 22-day transformative journey. Through guided meditations and deep relaxation, you'll be able to connect with your body, breath, and Venus to access and honor your fertility, sexuality, and sensuality. You'll have access to powerful tools to cultivate sensuality and pleasure while honoring boundaries and safety. 


The beauty of this program lies in the fact that it recognizes the deep-rooted emotions trapped within our bodies that are often denied to us through the need to live in the masculine vibration of achievement, doing, and having. You'll get to explore the conversations with Venus and create ceremonies to heal past stories, grief, and past lovers. You'll receive embodiment practices to work with the body to heal physical discomfort in the pelvic bowl, create space for pleasure, access your intuition, and get connected to your creative flow. Embodied astrology allows you to directly connect with Venus, unlocking the power of the cosmos to transform your life. By the end of the 22-day journey, you'll emerge feeling more attuned to your feminine side, more in tune with your body, and more capable of accessing your innate beauty and sacred wholeness.



To begin this transformative journey, you have to make an investment of $100. You can start your journey when you are ready and embrace it at your own time and you'll receive a daily healing module in your inbox for 22 days. The course was created to be taken with ease, inviting a relaxed mentality and vibration. No being on a call or having to exhaust energy in the deep web. You'll just listen and participate with ease and beauty!


I understand the pain you go through, the loneliness that comes with being disconnected from your feminine power, and the feeling of carrying the heavy burden of life on your own. Join me in this program and let's walk the journey together towards a life of true partnership, protection, femininity, softness, and even financial ease. It's time to embrace and honor your feminine power. It's time to connect with Venus. It's time to heal. Join me today. 

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