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Full Moon in the Houses

In the astrological realm, the full moon's transit through the houses of your natal chart can bring about illuminations and abrupt changes in different areas of your life. While the New Moon phase has an introspective quality to it, the Full Moon is more outwardly oriented and exudes a burst of energy. Emotional declarations made during the Full Moon may appear raw and new, but they often signify desires for change that had been resting within us for some time.

When the Full Moon transits through the First House, it elicits feelings of "Hey, what about me?" It's a time when you might feel your life has been too focused on others, and you crave some attention. While there might be a temptation to throw tantrums to get noticed, it's more beneficial to work on your self-assertiveness.

With the Full Moon in the Second House, themes of intimacy, power, control, or joint finances manifest. It's a time for understanding what makes you comfortable while balancing the sharing of pleasure and power.

The Third House transit by the Full Moon brings mundane tasks into focus. It's about maintaining a balance between the thirst for adventure and fulfilling everyday responsibilities.

For the Fourth House, the Full Moon demands a balance between your career and personal life. It's time to prioritize your public and personal obligations to avoid overstretching yourself.

The Fifth House transit by the Full Moon reminds you to seek fun amidst the pursuit of your larger life goals. It's a time for creative self-expression, whether it's through romantic or playful channels.

During its transit through the Sixth House, the Full Moon might prompt you to make positive changes to your routines. This is the time to start that exercise program, quit smoking, or improve your work conditions.

The Full Moon in the Seventh House encourages striking a balance with another person, whether it's a marriage partner, business partner, or an adversary. It's a time for compromise and negotiation.

The Eighth House transit highlights the theme of give and take. It ushers in an ideal period to settle debts of all kinds, and you might find yourself leaned upon for financial or other forms of support.

With the Full Moon in the Ninth House, there's a crisis of lack. Your personal beliefs could be tested, and you might feel a strong desire to take a leap of faith.

The Tenth House transit of the Full Moon brings you into the limelight, where you may have to perform, often on short notice. It could also present sudden job opportunities or assistance related to career, home, or property.

With the Full Moon in the Eleventh House, you'll realize that the role you play in others' lives is paramount to your happiness. You might be called upon for a humanitarian gesture or find yourself amidst a crowd after a period of solitude.

Finally, the Twelfth House transit by the Full Moon can create a compelling need for solitude. It's a fantastic time for introspection and addressing issues that have been simmering beneath the surface.

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