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I always want to know what I am getting into and what other people's experiences have been, so I knew you would want the same. These beautiful clients have been through the PERSONAL HOUSECLEANING Program and they are happy to share their experience for your benefit!




Darline June 2017 Session


I first encountered Stormie while browsing through astrology readings on and was delighted with her upbeat and amazingly accurate forecasts.  I went from there to purchasing a reading during one of her specials and found her to be even more outstanding in a one-on-one situation.  I continued to have occasional readings over the course of a very difficult and stressful year and her cheerful guidance always helped me to move into a more enlightened and self-directed course.  Most recently I had begun to reach a turning point in my life and decided to work with Stormie for the month long "Housekeeping" process in hopes she could assist me to move past some old habits and help me to transform my life.  The work was outstanding!!  Stormie was just excellent at helping me to work through issues and move past emotional blockages.  The combination of spiritual work, astrology and some good old fashioned psychology permitted me to face buried issues, and move through to a new and more exciting place.  I had already had a taste of her skills during previous readings, but her ability to use her craft to get a feel for the trends of the future helped me work through a difficult emotional ending/turning point/transition that occurred during this last week of our housekeeping sessions.  While I am still processing the grief and anger from the betrayal I encountered, my sessions with Stormie were truly transformative and have given me added tools to continue to grow into the new me that began to unfold while working with her.  Stormie Grace is a generous, healing, humorous, supportive soul.  If you are looking for a reader on multiple levels to assist with developing your best self you can't do better.  I know I will be working with her for years to come.  

Thank you!

Valerie K. April 2017 Session

When I first saw Stormie's package go up, every excuse I could possibly think of came running into my head as to why I shouldn't do it. Even though I have been miserable for about a year and trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life. And you I was called to do something but I felt like I couldn't land it and whenever I tried to take steps towards getting it done I just ended up being exhausted overwhelmed or resentful. I was also having problems with my ex-husband, my weight and I was just feeling really unfulfilled.
I saw that this package would only be available for three people and I was sure that I was going to miss out on this opportunity. And I just click the link on the off chance that it was still open and it was! I signed up immediately.

I've never done anything like this so I didn't really know what to expect, but all I knew was that I didn't like where I was at anymore and I was willing to be someplace else! I needed someone to help me see why I couldn't move forward and also to help me get some freedom from these things that were trapped in my head and in my body.
During our first session Stormie laid out exactly what we were going to do so that there were no surprises other than whatever came as the miracle that happened when we did the work. We finished our first week and immediately she gave me homework and follow that with meditations and guidance as well as support to get the work done and to watch the changes happen. Within that first week I hadn't slept well in almost a year and I slept like a log!!!!! I simply could not believe it!

During the second week we started doing more of the in-depth work getting to the root of some of my fears and troubles. Stormie sent such a beautiful example of how to do the work as well as encouragement of all of the excuses I would try to use to get out of doing the work, which really helped because there were many nights that I felt like I didn't want to do it, but I just heard her encouraging voice and I sit down and did the writing. By the time we met I was shocked at how much I had uncovered exclamation point I was blown away about how many things I was holding on to that I didn't think I was! I was absolutely shocked! But by the time we ended our second session Freedom was already happening to me. It was so subtle but when I went out to work the next day I noticed myself being different with my co-workers and they were different with me, and even at the end of the third week I had a conversation with my ex-husband who I've only argued with for the last five years! We literally made a summertime plan for our children without anybody raising their voice! Not only did we not raise our voices but I saw him with eyes of compassion! I mean five years of screaming at each other and in three weeks I'm out in the world as a different woman! The work is unbelievably simple but not easy, and stormy guides and walks with you the entire time! Now that I have completed the package I Feel The Nearness of my Creator! I literally feel like I can tap into my intuition and trust my own judgment and that I am loved and supported by a Divine energy who only wants my greatest good! This was an absolutely shocking welcome beautiful experience and I hope that you have the courage to step into it for yourself...
You will absolutely change some things came quickly some things came slowly but I am different.

Teresa April 2017 Session

Hi!  I feel compelled to give a ‘review’ of the Retrograde Release course taught by Stormie Grace.


I signed up for the class instantly and within a day, totally doubted my sanity!  I then realized, most growth comes from the ‘hard’ stuff in life.  Do I want to make some positive changes in my life?  A lot of things are great but, heck there are things I’d like a whole lot better!


First week of the course, wow!, had me thinking.  The second week transformations were taking place.  Third week, well, action, action, action! The growth continues as long as you do your part!


Now, this isn’t magic voodoo intended to change ‘everyone else’.  This is about fostering the change in YOURSELF with faith and acceptance!  What a powerful lesson!  Not just words on a magnet or inspirational poster, these are words that have true impact when you have faith and get your booty in action!! 


The course is awesome.  It’s not for the faint of heart but it is for your heart!   Are you willing to see you as you REALLY ARE?  That is scary but as they say, Big risk = BIG reward!  I would have sworn to you ‘I got this! I’m an honest soul – all good.  Easy peasy stuff here’.  Maybe turns out, not so much!  Stormie’s approach is simplistic but deep! 


I encourage anyone, who is interested in REAL change, to take the course.  Stormie has a very human and personal approach to the lessons.  She stands right beside you and gently guides you to and through the big lessons.  It is a great program and she is an awesome spiritual guide!   

 Do it!  Do it for you and do it for your soul! 

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