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Hi, I'm Stormie Grace
Evolutionary and Humanistic Astrologer

I'm passionate about teaching and translating the language of astrology, so people can be empowered individuals to live an informed and strategic life.

I also help Creative Entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses, so they have the freedom to truly enjoy their work. To top it off, I am an avid traveler currently settled in Spain!

Whether you’re seeking astrological guidance or business advice, or you're on your next travel adventure, I’m here to help make astrology useful and practical in your daily life.

I invite you to explore my website and check out my Youtube channel and Courses. I'm sure you'll find something that resonates with you.  I'm looking forward to helping you on your journey of self-discovery.

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How I Make Astrology Accessible

My Services

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I have a  passion for creating content that helps others take the lessons of the cosmos into their lives.  Join me and take astrology on the go with you! 

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Be entertained, empowered, informed, and take the tools to live a strategic life.

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From its crowdsourcing beginning and our first lesson on March 22, 2021, we are thrilled t

Unlock the mysteries of astrology at our Free YouTube Astrology Academy! With over 30 classes led by master astrologers, delve into Western astrology's history and explore synastry and compatibility. Accessible to all, start your cosmic journey today!

Client Feedback
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Sharon R.

I knew this upcoming year included a Saturn return, and also knew that Stormie was the perfect astrologer to guide me through it. We've had several sessions together, and her delivery has always been thoughtful and loving. It never leaves you fearing the challenges. Fear-based thinkers are not hard to come by these days - Stormie provides a soft place to land and catch your breath!

Karen B.

Each reading from Stormie feels like I am talking with a trusted and kind friend. I was looking for more insight on current life experiences in my business and personal life. Stormie helped me to connect the dots to previous years and how it relates to now which allowed me to see my growth and progress and really be grateful. Readings with Stormie helps me to see what is coming, plan accordingly and not be too surprised with the unfolding of my life.

Patricia L.

I always look for future advice or directions to move in…Stormie’s readings feel so intuitive and her dates are spot on. At times I feel she is turning me inside out and shaking out what needs to be seen and understood. I purchase several readings at once so that when I know a reading is coming up I re-review. I note days in my calander and make comments so when I am in for my new reading I have notes ready to confirm what was said and questions on how to proceed. Stormie never fails

Are you an Astrologer or Creative Entrepreneur that's ready to....

Build or grow a PROFITABLE practice

Really enjoy the work you do

Transition from your 9-5 to Full Time practice

Have clarity around your  business

If you said YES to any of these, come join me in my business development school LEGATIA ACADEMY


I’ve just completed Stormie Grace’s Business Development Group workshop and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone wanting to realize their business vision and goals. Stormie expertly blends astrological knowledge with practical business and entrepreneurial strategies to guide participants through a process of growth, clarity, and productivity. I learned a lot, and it was SO MUCH FUN to get to know Stormie and the other astrologers in my group. I looked forward to our group sessions and felt inspired, supported, and guided every step of the way. The biggest perk was the 1:1 mentoring I received, which was invaluable. It was a fantastic experience all the way around!

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